Easy homemade soap with extra bubbles

This soap is easy to make and has a lot of bubbles, making it a likely family favorite.

We composed this recipe to have a 5% superfat so it will not give you dry hands, and help heal your skin if you have dry hands already.

Quality of the soap

Soap Bar QualityRangeThis Recipe
Hardness29 – 5438
Cleansing12 – 2227
Conditioning44 – 6956
Bubbly14 – 4645
Creamy16 – 4830
Iodine41 – 7055
INS136 – 165164


Bubbly Homemade Easy Soap

This soap has 3 oils in it and is good for beginners
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  • 2 plastic, glass, or steel bowls
  • Microwave oven
  • Wooden or plastic spoon
  • Silicone molds
  • Stick blender
  • Safety gear
  • Scale (kitchen)
  • Thermometer
  • pH meter or test strips


  • 11.20 oz Olive Oil 320 grams
  • 11.20 oz Coconut Oil 320 grams
  • 5.6 oz Castor Oil 160 grams
  • 10.64 oz Water 304 grams
  • 4.7 oz NaOH 116 grams


  • Read the soaping safely page, if you haven´t already
  • Dissolve NaOH in water by slowly adding the NaOH to the water and stirring gently with the spoon. Leave the mixture, now called lye, to cool down
  • Melt coconut oil and mix it with olive and castor oil
  • Wait until the lye is between 86 and 104 degrees F (30-40 degrees C) and heat up the oils to approx the same temperature if needed
  • Mix the oils and the lye by slowly pouring oils in the lye
  • Use a stick blender for 1-5 minutes until trace
  • Pour your batter into a mold or molds as you prefer
  • Check if the soap is firm enough to cut after 24 hours
  • Cut the soap bars (if you used a big mold) and trim the edges
  • Leave to cure eg in a paper bag for 4 – 6 weeks and check pH. Store it by room temperature

Soap characteristics


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