1 Oil Soap for Cleaning – 100% Coconut Oil

Make your own dishwashing soap by following this easy recipe with just three ingredients. It’s cheap, and you get rid of sulfur and other harmful chemicals. You have dishwashing soap for around $1 for up to half a year, depending on how much is washed up by hand. We do not have a dishwasher and are two or three people, so this portion lasts approx. 4 months.

This soap is suitable for washing dishes by hand and as an all-around soap in the home that can be used, for instance, on floors and bathrooms.

If you are about to make your very first cold process soap, you will not get an easier recipe than this, as the dish soap consists exclusively of soaped coconut oil.

Recipe percentages, lye, and superfat

This information is for advanced soapers. Go to recipe if you are new to soap making.

  • 100% Coconut Oil
  • 31.418% Lye Concentration
  • 38% Water percent of oil weight
  • 5% Superfat
  • 3.53 oz Total oil weight (100 g)

Soap Quality

As you can see this soap is very cleansing, and you will need to put on gloves when you use it.

Soap QualityRangeThis Recipe
Hardness29 – 5479
Cleansing12 – 2267
Conditioning44 – 6910
Bubbly14 – 4667
Creamy16 – 4812
Iodine41 – 7010
INS136 – 165258

Recipe for Coconut Dishwashing soap


  • 2 plastic, glass, or steel bowls
  • Wooden or plastic spoon
  • Stick blender
  • Thermometer
  • pH meter or test strips
  • Silicone molds
  • Microwave oven
  • Kitchen scale
  • Safety gear



Soap Fatty Acid Profile



Can a soap really be made with only one oil?

Yes, this is the ancient way of making soap. We use more oils in today’s soaps because we want them to do more than just cleaning.

How come coconut oil is both good and bad for the skin?

A soap bar needs to be balanced in different types of fatty acids to become a good soap. The coconut oil is great for cleansing and gives a hard bar but lacks conditioning effects. This bar will result in dry hands if you use it a lot and without gloves.

Can I add another oil to the recipe?

No, other oils will need different amounts of lye to saponify, so you can´t substitute any coconut oil for another oil without recalculating the recipe.

Do I need to recalculate the recipe if I add scent?

No, you can always add scent to any soap. If you use essential oil in large amounts, it can raise the superfat a little. But it is always advised to add the scent after saponification anyway, and it really makes no difference in my opinion.

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